Word Search - Horses
Word Search - Horses
Word Search - Horses
Word Search - Horses
Word Search - Horses

This fantastic wordsearch contains all the ingredients for some major fun with these relaxing puzzles to fill your spare time. But this game comes with some special gifts just for you. When you complete a puzzle challenge, and pick up enough coins, you will be rewarded with a picture of something just simply amazing!

You can choose the difficulty of the wordsearch, but the more coins you collect, the more of the pictures you will reveal. Can you beat the challenge?


  1. 15 stunning reproductions of Horses
  2. 6 difficulty levels - start with 5x5 grid and 5 words, progress onto bigger grids and more words to find
  3. Timed challenge
  4. Rewards as you play
  5. Delightful 3D graphics, and punchy sound effects
  6. Smooth controls, simply swipe across the word you've seen
  7. Hours of fun for all ages

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